Friday, June 17, 2011

Cooking Begins: 101 Cookbook's Almond Soba Noodles

Fresh and feisty

We're pretty much settled in. I say 'pretty much' because we still have some boxes to unpack. But, for me the most important room is functional - the kitchen. It's been a slow start but I've finally started cooking again and enjoying working in the new kitchen. It's an open concept kitchen and a lot smaller than our apartment in Mississauga but it just made me realise that we don't need a lot of space. We had just taken up every cabinet and drawer at the old place because it was 'available'.

Now I've sung the praises about 101 Cookbook's, Heidi Swanson, on more than one occassion because her idea of food fits in perfectly with Sean's diet. So this past Thursday at work, I was adamant about making something nice for dinner as I had got tired of recycling whatever we had in the refrigerator. The hubby loves his eggs, but making them for dinner every other night was starting to get old, very very old. Since we don't have a supermarket near our home, I usually do the shopping at the supermarket near my office. I picked through a few recipes on Heidi's blog and knew I already had soba noodles and red curry paste at home, so I chose to make the almond soba noodles and quickly jotted down the extra frills I would need.

Order up!
Now say soba noodles and the smile pretty much disappears from Sean's face. However, I love them and couldn't think of a better pairing than almond butter and red curry paste as her recipe dictated. I often do a cold noodle salad with peanut butter so I could already taste the flavours as I read through the recipe, which included fresh basil and lemon juice as well. Most importantly, the recipe was simple, nutritious and quick - three things that are a must during the busy work week when whipping up a meal.  The only difference I made was using broccoli instead of pea shoots. And the best part? I had a lovely little lunch to feast on the next day at work.

To be honest, I don't think this recipe won Sean over although I was hoping that it would. He usually is the first one to comment if something turns out exceptionally well. However, there was silence on this. I admit, the noodles did get a bit clumpy, and I think I may have put in a little too much dressing or possibly had left the dressing way too thick. I will have to try it again to judge what went wrong. The one thing that I didn't predict was how great the fried tofu would taste. The matchsticks turned  out crisp and golden and I soon found myself eating them like fries, generously coated in rich red dressing prepared for the noodles. Well nothing lost and something learnt! I'm just glad to be back in the kitchen again.


  1. This sounds like such a great meal! I love Heidi's blog & cookbooks, I don't doubt that this would be a winner in our house =)

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