Friday, January 29, 2010

Café Chocolatti - Breakfast and snacks

Lush greenery welcomes visitors.

Tucked way on the Fort Aguada Road in Candolim is the little outdoor eatery Café Chocolatti (they also have a venue in the capital Panjim). This was Sean's discovery on our trip and another very good find indeed. It's laid back with tables set under magnolia umbrellas in the garden and lounge music playing. The menu includes just breakfast and light meals like salads and sandwiches. They also have a couple of bakery items like cookies, cakes, brownies and of course a whole range of flavoured chocolate.

We stopped by with my parents for breakfast one day and got talking to the owner who said they had been in existence for the past eight years - exactly the amount of time that Sean and I had not visited for. We liked the fact that the menu excluded alcohol as it gave the place place a more wholesome, family-like environment that is hard to come by in the beach-side shacks in Goa. The place fills up fast during the late morning hours mostly with European expatriates. It is also a daily stop for some as we spotted chef Bawmra Jap grabbing a coffee on-the-go the morning after we dined at Bomra's.

Service is can take a bit of time but everything we tried was worth the wait from the French toast when we visited for breakfast to the pasta salad (this was extremely good) when we visited for a lunch. They try and use mostly organically grown seasonal vegetables and the water is purified using reverse osmosis. The pricing is also reasonable and they have a choice of local bread for sandwiches, either the white 'katré' or the whole wheat 'poiee', which was another plus point for Sean.

I would highly recommend stopping by for breakfast one day as it is far better than the popular Infantaria on the Calangute-Baga road. Don't forget to pick up a bag of their orange-infused truffles (they also have mine and chilli flavours, as well as, chocolate bark with either dried fruit or nuts) as it is a nice remembrance of the place when you get back home. Suffice to say, mine didn't survive the journey.

A relaxed outdoor ambience.

French toast with maple syrup.

Pasta salad with sweetcorn, olives, tomato and fresh basil. It had a spicy kick from loads of fresh garlic.

Chicken, lettuce and bell peppers with honey mustard.

Bags of truffles.


Ginger cookies - delicious but not spicy enough for me.

Chocolatti Special cake (triple chocolate) and carrot cake - both get two thumbs up.


  1. Hi, I shall surely visit this place when I visit Goa. However, my next trip might be at the end of this year. French Toast and Pasta Salad looks awesome in photos and Im sure they taste as well.
    BTW, Is this place easily spotted when passing-by on a motocycle or need to slow down and hunt for it?

  2. Hello!
    It does take a bit of looking out if you're on a bike. I would suggest slowing down after the major football ground in Candolim, which will fall on your right hand side as will Chocolatti.
    Do let me know how you like the place.

  3. Goa has so much to offer its incredible. I had been to Infantaria around 2 years back.. If I plan to go Goa sometime soon ‘Café Chocolatti’ is def on my list...